André C. Andrée

André C. Andrée

Actor ** Manager **Director
Film Editing **Theatre*Film ** Music*Dance ** Design
New York ** Los Angeles ** San Francisco 
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Andre C. Andree
Stage Bio

Andre C. Andree 
André C. Andrée
Singer, Actor, & Writer

A native New Yorker, began his music career as a singer/choir Director with his home church choir in Bronx, N.Y.

His first live state performance was in 1999 in San Francisco in "Lorraine Hansberry Theatre's" "Blues In The Night" featuring the vocal stylings of Denise Perrier.

Andre has played the Narrator/Precher in Hansberry's hit yearly production of "Black Nativity" from 1999-2007. He has also appeared in other stage productions around the Bay Area such as "Night Hawks" (Wray Grubbs/Macky), "Jesus Christ Superstar" (Judas) "The Dance On Widow's Row" (Randolph Spears)starring Ted Lange (Issac from the "Love Boat"), "The Chickencoop Chinaman" (Charley Popcorn) "Your "Arms Too Short To Box With God" (Preacher/Priest & Eleders) featuring Arvis Stricland Jones , "Hush Up!, Sweet Charlotte" (Harry Wills) featuring Matthew Martin and Varla Jean Merman.

Andre's movie credits include "Rent" the movie, and "Pursuit of Happiness" starring Will Smith. He is the producer and lead actor in the independent film "Removal" featured in major film festivals around the U.S. and Australia including Frameline29 2005 Film Festival.

Andre co-wrote the new hit musical "HIT IT!" along with his son Jared Choclatt. André is also the Owner and CEO of: Papastar, Inc. with his son.

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Andre C. Andree

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